Jeffrey “JMatt” Matthias


JMatt has been involved with the music industry for about half a decade. He’s been on radio for over 2 years and has DJ’d weddings for the past 4 years. He has recently started dabbling with club-style DJing. JMatt created this website to promote DJs and their remixes, mashups and productions. He is very excited to share his musical taste with others through The Music Phoenix!

Justin Norman


Justin got his start at a very early age, he started his own online broadcasting company. He has been an on air personality for 5 years. From country to mashups; hard rock to classical; he loves it all. Justin spends most of his time working, spending time with his dog Toby, and sharing the love he has for music with others. It’s what continues his drive and passion for the industry.

Ashley Stecker

Graphic Designer

Ashley has been working with JMatt since 2010. She attended Northern Michigan University where she studied Graphic Design. She has created many designs for JMatt in Milwaukee while he ran a event promotions business, she created most of the promotional material used for the events. Ashley created the logo that you have become familiar with for The Music Phoenix, among other designs.

Tyler “KosherKittens” Schmidt


Tyler is currently attending Rochester Institute of Technology, pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has been creating Mashups under the DJ name KosherKittens for a little over a year now. You can hear all of his latest mashups and remixes on his SoundCloud account here. Tyler is not only dedicated creating music but also to finding it and sharing it with you!

Corey Barnes


Corey Barnes, also known as Corey Bacon, is a native Bostonian with a passionate “MBA” in Electronic Dance Music. Being exposed to the Boston Nightlife at a young age, Corey is a long time connoisseur of Electric Dance Music . Her expertise is Social Networking. This past year, Corey has traveled all over the country connecting with other EDM enthusiasts and spreading the love and passion of the music. Corey is a web professional by day, and a EDM fanatic by night.
Affiliated Websites
  •; Last Call Marquette is JMatt’s first business that he created in his alma mater’s hometown of Marquette, MI. It is over three years old and provides the area with up to date drink specials (as an online directory). Even though JMatt has moved all over the country over the past few years, he has still managed to keep his ties to Michigan through the website.
  •; Out The Gates Records is the label founded by P-Rock, a friend of JMatt’s. P-Rock is also a member of Position Players Incorporated (PPI) which also include DJ Buggz and DJ Fatmackin’. JMatt has been dubbed an honorary member. JMatt started a unique homecoming event at Northern Michigan University to which PPI has hosted every year for the past 5 years!
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